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What can Telegram-Soft do?
Mass wrapping
Using the telegram soft program, you can wind up subscribers on your channels and views on posts in a telegram
Sending messages
You can do mass mailings of your advertising messages in PMs of a previously collected audience, you can also send messages to chats
Group Inviter
Add the collected target audience to your telegram groups (chats) by filtering it by activity
Audience parser
Gather your target audience from different telegram chats and filter it by activity
Answering machine
With the answering machine running, your bots will respond to incoming messages around the clock
Checker numbers
Using the checker, you can check the mobile phone numbers for their presence in a telegram, thereby further increasing your base
Start your telegram promotion now!
Send out your advertising messages to users, phone numbers
or telegram groups. All text options are supported,
it is possible to send audio files in the form of voice recordings
The result is not long in coming!
Mass mailing of messages in PM telegrams is currently the most powerful method of promoting a business in Telegram. With the telegram soft program, the messages that you send out will cost you very cheaply.
In this case, you will be able to personally filter out only those who are alive and interested in your product or service.
There will be no end to applications and orders!

Gather a live audience
The audience can be gathered not only from open, but also from closed Telegram groups.
There is a convenient filtering setting for the last time online,
which will help you collect only a lively and active audience, excluding bots.
Great reach
Check hundreds of thousands of phone numbers to find them in Telegram. One account can check up to 1470 numbers in just a couple of seconds! Messages can be sent even to those user numbers that do not have usernames!
Unlimited possibilities
Launch traffic
Telegram has a large audience with which you can work every day and earn income

Many applications
A huge number of applications are provided. Telegram soft generates a lot of traffic
Earn income
You will be able to sell your promotion services. After all, only mass mailings bring an income of 3-5 times more from the money spent!
Mutual Help Chat
After purchasing the program, you will enter our private chat of businessmen in a telegram in which there are already more than 400 people! In our chat every day we discuss different issues on working with the program, also get invaluable tips on working with telegrams.
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License cost
1 month license
12 hours
Full functionality for 12 hours
Forever and ever
Unlimited License
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